Welcome To MyHealthnet

MyHealthnet promotes and enhances community health and well-being through Reproductive and Psychosexual Health (SRPH) education, health promotional seminars, conference, outreach work, online services and social events.

MyHealthnet provides direct health promotional activities, clinical and non-clinical sexual, Reproductive and Psychosexual Health (SRPH) services to Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) group in order to:

(a) reduce the rates of sexually transmitted infections.
(b) unintended pregnancies and
(c) reduce inequality in service provisions for BME young people under twenty years old, including people in same sex relations, transgender individuals and / or those considered high risk population.

MyHealthnet also provides opportunity for personal and professional development through, e-learning and accreditation of such learning as appropriate through our affiliation with various institutions. We also provide opportunity for student placements within our organisation.

MyHealthnet welcomes people, youth clubs, groups & organisations needing our services.

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us.

Safe Sex

When you are in a new relationship, talking about your sexual health and contraception is an important and essential aspect of getting to know each other. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions and always use a condom when having sex with a new partner and to continue to do so until you have both been tested for STIs/STD and are using another form of contraception. For advice about contraception, sexual health, safe sex and information about clinics near you please contact us.

Healthy Relationships

Good relationships are really essential for promoting health and wellbeing. Do you feel secure and happy connecting with others and able to make own choices etc? Or, is your partner or friend violent towards you or others, verbally, physically or sexually abusive, or controlling? If you are in an abusive relationship, speak to a reliable adult (like parents, teachers, doctors, guardian or youth worker) don’t try to confront your abuser alone. But if you preferred, you can talk to us in confidence. Please contact us.

Sexual Health Tests

Don’t be afraid to ask your man what type of contraception they use with their previous partner, and when their last STIs/HIV test was. You can have free sexual health advice and testing for: HIV I / II, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Herpes I/II, Hepatitis A /B / C, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Gardnerella and Trichomonas. You and your partner have a joint responsibility to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infection. Always use condoms with every sexual intercourse. Contact us for more information.


Would you like some information about contraception? Which method of contraception suits you? There are about 15 methods of contraception available to choose from and we can help you decide which method might work best for you. Young people can normally get contraception and emergency contraception (morning after pill) from their GP, Pharmacies, Sexual Health Clinics, A&E etc. People less than 16 years olds can get contraception on the NHS. We supply free condoms and advice to young people registered with us. For advice on urgent sexual health advice, contraception and any information about local clinics near you, please contact us with your request f health advisors.


Finding out you're pregnant can be very scary, you panic about becoming a teenage mum when the pregnancy wasn't planned even more frightening. You worry about everything especially concerned about telling your parents, anxious about giving birth, and caring for the baby, and money, etc. You must talk your options through quickly and very carefully without delay to decide
a) continuing with the pregnancy keeping the baby
b) and having the baby adopted, or
c) having an abortion.
Deciding what to do can be difficult but there are services to help you decide. If you are continuing with the pregnancy, your midwife or health visitor will give you information about local services that will support you during pregnancy and after you've had your baby. If you prefer to talk to us about anything, our advisors can provide the additional support needed. We can also plan your future contraception with you, so you can start after delivery. Contact us now. Remember, unintended pregnancy can be prevented through abstinence or using contraception. Contraception including condom supply and pregnancy test are all free. Don’t be afraid to ask your man to use contraception and to have tests for STIs/HIV/Hepatitis.

HIV Good 2 Know

Are you HIV positive? Did you know that some people who have never had sex can be HIV positive? The only way to find out if you have HIV is to have an HIV test, as symptoms of HIV may not appear for many years. If you are sexually active or you don’t know your HIV status, you should get tested for HIV and other STIs too. HIV testing is also provided free of charge on the NHS. Clinics can offer you the result on the same day and home-testing and home-sampling kits. Tell your partner/s about your results even if positive (if you need help, we can help you tell them and others safely) so they too can get help. Health professionals provide various supports, Q & A time for information about services, and you get involved in planning what happens next, if and when treatment is needed for you or everyone. So, to protect yourself, use condom safely and use new condom for each time. HIV spreads through HIV contaminated razors, pins, toothbrushes, injecting with unsterilised needles, tattoos needles, cutting and biting appliances and other items that penetrates the skin etc. Maintain Safe Sexual Health. Protect yourself and Partners. Join our HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme group. Please contact us to find out more information.