Special Services

Advise and Counselling

Advise and Counselling

If you require counselling for any sexual health and or other personal issues, concerns about others and need to talk to us in confidence by text or email, we want to hear from you. Send your questions or message to our advisors to respond to as you want. Write your correct age and location, questions or describe your concerns as possible.

Check that your contact mobile number and email address are the correct ones to reach you and any other contact person to call on your behalf if you wish.

NB: Dial 999 if you feel you are in danger. See your GP for further advice. Our advisor will contact and advice you as requested.

Get Emergency Contraception

Service Summary

We provide confidential advice, information, counselling and support to vulnerable young people under 25 years old. We also offer training, placement and work experience opportunities for all.

Service Summary:
• Sexual & Reproductive Health Advice
• Pregnancy Testing and Referrals
• Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections and Management Support
• General Hygiene and Health promotion
• Psychosexual Health Counselling
• Counselling in clinic and by - Phone, Email and Text
• Health Workshops, Training and Placements
• Outreach Service
• Free Condoms
• Contraception Information
• Education, Training & Supervision for Youth, Guardians, Health and Social Care and Youth Workers Teachers, Trainers, etc...

Outreach Locations: London and Kent and Online access for clients from the rest of UK & Ireland and for clients worldwide. We will visit your organisation to provide the support you need.

Organisations can request MyHealthnet services on behalf of young people.

For information about our clinical services, training, educational programmes, placements or volunteering, please contact us with your enquiries.

Puberty and Personal Hygiene

Puberty and Personal Hygiene

Puberty causes all kinds of changes in your body. Your skin and scalp may suddenly get oily very easily. You may notice a new hair growing in different places and other changes too. You noticed that you are growing at different pace to your friends and other things are happening fast. These are all parts of growing up process.

Do you need advice on taking care of your body and during puberty?

Want to know how to keep: Smelling Clean; Clothes; Shoes; Feet; Hair; Teeth; taking a few steps and using personal products? Learn about managing Periods; Acne; Diet etc. Please contact us.